Wellness & Spa

Wellness & Spa

“Sanitas for Aquam”

What could be more pleasant after a day of adventures and outdoor activities than using our Spa & Wellness services: indoor pool, sauna and massage. The indoor pool measures 8 m x 4 m x 1.40 m and is ideal for beneficial exercise in the water.

The benefits of aquatic gymnastics would be:

– improving blood circulation;

– the return of blood to the heart is much easier, which helps to stabilize blood pressure;

– attenuation of edema, pressure helping to resorb and remove water from tissues;

– movements in water are much more complex than movements on land;

– there is no danger of overheating due to the cooling effect of the water;

– Water is an excellent way to relax

SPA can also be defined as a treatment that involves healing techniques and includes several different massage therapies. These therapies promote health and beauty through the healing power of massage. Sauna, massages and procedures: by appointment. The indoor pool is heated and open even in the cold season.